I Heard…
I Heard…

I Heard…

a My Dunrovin Story, by Bridget Sorteberg

I don’t know where exactly my Dunrovin story starts, but I have been coming here for years. And before I started coming, I heard about its work and retreats from my siblings! 

DLITE has had the biggest impact on me, out of all the camps I’ve attended at Dunrovin. Originally, I wanted to go on a DLITE week because of all that I had heard about it. Everyone I knew who had come back from a week of DLITE always had something cool happen – a memory they made, an amazing person they had met, or a funny story – and they all came in the form of a crazy story that they always laughed about and would remember. 

That’s what I wanted. I wanted to go on DLITE not to grow in leadership and grow closer to the Lord, but because I wanted my own crazy story. 

And then I went on a week of DLITE. But when I came back, I had no crazy story. Sure, I had met some people, made some memories and learned some things, but that was it.

My stories weren’t “crazy” in comparison.

It wasn’t until I did a second week of DLITE that I realized this: While I didn’t get my wild  story, I did meet some incredible people who will do amazing things. I did grow closer in relationships I already had. I made friends with amazing ideas and who had real desires to grow in the Lord. I had grown in teamwork, servitude and overall attitude. 

Without knowing it on that first week, the Lord had taught me how to get outside of myself, and my own wants, and had taught me how to choose to put others first, and how I can make my own special memories through it. He showed me that not only are outlandish stories not an included part of the Dunrovin experience, they are entirely the Lord’s gift. Crazy, enthusiastic, awesome, zealous stories don’t come from my own wants; they come from choosing the Lord’s will and his blessings in the every day. 

I am so excited to work here and to see how the Lord is continuing to impact all who walk through these doors, and see how he blesses everyone!

Although Bridget does not remember specifically the first time she met Dunrovin, she remembers attending eight years of summer camp with her church, as a camper and as a counselor, plus four sessions of DLITE. We happily introduce Ms. Bridget Sorteberg as she begins work at Dunrovin Christian Brothers Retreat Center on May 13, 2019, as the Guest Services Coordinator. Welcome aboard!