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Meet the Meeds

Meet the Meeds

Every day I am grateful for the opportunity to live, work, and serve at Dunrovin. What a gift!

Jerome Meeds AFSC, Executive Director
Meeds Family 2000

Jerome & Mary Meeds

It was Mary who received the phone call from Board of Directors chair, Stella Lundquist, in 1999, offering Jerome the position as the first lay director of Dunrovin. So excited, Stella couldn’t wait until Jerome was available.

Thus, on June 1, 1999, Jerome moved Mary and their three young daughters to Dunrovin. They desired to be a family serving together and living out their dynamic faith in generous service of God’s people.

A little boy came along in 2005, adding to the Meeds family. All four children grew up romping on the beautiful property, home-schooled in a community of Lasallian educators, and wondering what God’s service really meant. Jerome & Mary grew as well, watching the Retreat Center’s programs change, and getting to know and love many guests.

Osceola Waterfall

Through the Years at Dunrovin

The Meeds use their pastoral care and leadership experience to offer retreats, passing on the healing and hope they have personally received from God.

In 2022, the Lasallian Christian Brothers affiliated Mary & Jerome (now officially called “Brother Mary and Brother Jerome”) into the order.

“We love the Christian Brothers, our retreat center guests, THE STAFF, and the mission of Dunrovin. Every day we get to proclaim our faith and spread the love of Jesus Christ. How wonderful is that!?”

Mary Meeds, AFSC

Jerome & Mary are covenant members of the Community of Christ the Redeemer (CCR), a Catholic charismatic lay organization located in West Saint Paul. They worked at Catholic Youth Camp through 1997, a ministry they enjoyed as another opportunity to meet young people and serve the Catholic Church.

Family Motto: Prepare to see the face of God.

Mary.Meeds@dunrovin.org | 651-433-2486