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Our Staff

Our Staff

Giving exceptional hospitality means we let people see us as we are; we’re not putting on a show for our guests, just trying to welcome them here.”

Emily Squyres
Jerome Meeds, AFSC, Executive Director

Jerome Meeds, AFSC

Executive Director


Emily Squyres, Director of Guest Services

Emily Squyres

Director of Guest Services


Rae Wood, Director of Mission Advancement

Rae Wood

Director of Mission Advancement


Mimi Schaefer, Housekeeping & Kitchen Manager

Mimi Schaefer

Housekeeping & Kitchen Manager

Lexi, Kitchen and Housekeeping

Lexi Buhl


Mariah, Cook and Housekeeping

Mariah Buhl

Staff Cook / Housekeeping

Leanne, Guest Host

Leanne Esch, Guest Host

Patty, Operations Assistant

Patty Flanagan

Administrative Assistant


Jim, Guest Host

Jim Franzen, Guest Host

Ruby, Cook and Housekeeping

Ruby Martinson


Mary Meeds, AFSC

Mary Meeds, AFSC

Executive Assistant


Paul, Maintenance

Paul Moyer

Maintenance and Grounds

Debbie, Staff Cooke

Debbie Riordan

Staff Cook

Jessica, Guest Host

Jessica Stimson, Guest Host

Janice, Staff Cook

Janice White

Staff Cook

Experience your “home away from home” at Dunrovin.

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