Play Hard, Have Fun, Trust and Focus!
Play Hard, Have Fun, Trust and Focus!

Play Hard, Have Fun, Trust and Focus!

a My Dunrovin Story, by Dulce Morales

Over the years, Dunrovin has been the backbone of my growth as a person. I have always struggled with confidence, no matter what situation I was in. That started changing the second I stepped on the Dunrovin parking lot back in 2012, I was in 6th grade.

I didn’t realize it at first but each year I came back, I was a little different. I learned to use my same characteristics as my virtues. I learned that Dunrovin did not make me a new person, it simply helped me enhance the qualities I already had to become someone I can love. Someone who has strength and faith towards herself.

Support was shown to me by all the counselors from the very beginning. They each gave us an opportunity to experience days the way not many of the San Miguel students were able to. From playing scoop a noodle challenge to having a place to truly speak up and feel heard. Those things are so important in a child’s life, it is key to reassuring them of their strength.

I didn’t become completely comfortable with myself in an instant, but having people I can trust, such as the counselors, my classmates and of course God, the process was much easier. Dunrovin itself is not what made me the person I am today rather than the people and environment I was in. Dunrovin became a home to me because of the family I made over the years.

One thing I learned is that God gave me the gift of life and He also gave me the gift of people. I’ve learned to love myself because of the experiences and relationships I’ve built with other people who have raised my confidence. Through the four components ensured in the Dunrovin environment – play hard, have fun, trust and focus – I enhanced my already built-in qualities.

I still have so many improvements to reach, but with this amazing opportunity to keep learning about myself, others and God, I know I can be the person I need to be. I am forever grateful for every experience I had at Dunrovin and the opportunity to live there.

Dulce begins training as a summer program counselor on June 3rd. After 8 years of attending Summer Leadership Camp as a student, she returns to give back what she received. Dulce is the first San Miguel student to work on the Dunrovin staff!