To Cruise or Not To Cruise
To Cruise or Not To Cruise

To Cruise or Not To Cruise

With gratitude for Arlette (left) and Michelle, who generously served as Board members

Feel fresh river breeze

Listen to friendly laughter

Breathe in beauty

Visit with Brothers and others

Summer memories

The Dunrovin staff and Board of Directors spent hours discussing the feasibility of sailing during the summer of 2020. And although the ultimate decision was to protect you, our treasured guests, by cancelling the July cruise, we send you great memories and much gratitude for years gone by when you made the river cruise our best party of the year!

Thank you for coming alongside us every summer. We continue to need your partnership. Please consider sending a cruise donation again this summer.

Although we cannot bring the youth retreats here for a little while longer, Dunrovin is committed to keeping our employees on as long as possible. Our morale is great and we are doing lots of projects as we prepare for future guests. We appreciate your partnership while ANCHORED ON SHORE!

And if you want to feel that river breeze, call us to schedule your own personal time away at Dunrovin. We are open.

The Dunrovin Sunset Benefit Cruise