Introducing…drumroll, please…
Introducing…drumroll, please…

Introducing…drumroll, please…

The Opportunity Time! Campaign

Scotty – oh, great buckthorn warrior

Our kids can’t come and our guest groups cancelled.

Introducing…..drumroll, please….Opportunity Time!

Amidst fear and uncertainty during the current COVID-19 pandemic, at Dunrovin we plan to thrive. Guest group cancellations kindle the need to create a new tactic to keep the Dunrovin mission vibrant. We seize the time to do extra projects. Extra housecleaning. Sprucing, shining, spiffing up the place. When guest groups return, we will be ready like never before. Our goals are simple:

  • Keep all employees working and paid
  • Be ready for our future guests

By repurposing staff members and working within physical distance guidelines, Dunrovin employees are rolling up their sleeves as they take on projects that get deferred during our typical busyness. Time to tackle the TO DO list: 

  • Sidewalk resurfacing
  • Front office updates
  • Website design
  • Painting projects
  • Cabin updates
  • Landscape screen
  • Buckthorn removal
  • Erosion control
  • Path maintenance

Please help. Your donation at GiveAtHomeMN will keep Dunrovin strong. 

Opportunity Time! At Dunrovin.