Dunrovin in “The Catholic Spirit”
Dunrovin in “The Catholic Spirit”

Dunrovin in “The Catholic Spirit”


We are blessed and grateful to be featured in “The Catholic Spirit” newspaper! Last week, the “Spirit” published three articles about Dunrovin Christian Brothers Retreat Center, discussing topics from our outreach to our history. One story highlights major youth programs instituted by Dunrovin and their impact on both the youth and those leading the programs. Another discusses the founding of Dunrovin and its subsequent history. There is even an article on our Director, Jerome Meeds, and the ways that he continues and adds to the Dunrovin mission and tradition.

Please click the links below to read the full articles and join us in celebrating fifty years of service and retreat!

Dunrovin at 50

Retreat center in renaissance of serving youth

Dunrovin director advances mission of leading youth

Dunrovin once a game preserve

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