The Mystery of Dunrovin
The Mystery of Dunrovin

The Mystery of Dunrovin

a My Dunrovin Story by Arlette Egan

After being asked to serve on the Dunrovin Board of Directors by Bob Gaffney in 2011, I was not sure what would lie ahead of me. I knew the retreat center’s general location, having passed it many times driving to Marine on Saint Croix, and wondered what was at the end of the driveway I approached. 

After turning into the road leading to the main building, it seemed inauspicious as I passed a work shed and extra storage buildings along the way.  Then, as I made the final turn into the parking area, I was surprised to be surrounded by a quiet peace in this beautiful arena of nature. The buildings did not compete but fit in with the beauty and the peaceful atmosphere of the moment.

Getting out of the car, I could feel the peaceful nature of Dunrovin come to life by the sound of the happy student campers, who fill the summer weeks.  Most are from Chicago and the Twin Cities. They are grade school or high school students who have been coming to Dunrovin for many years. The students are so positive, hopeful, and joyful because they are in an environment that is impossible for them to believe exists until they come to Dunrovin. Their home situations are loving but stressful, and poverty is common.  Fear is felt every day where they dwell.

I was amazed and impressed with the positive attitude of each camp group. God was part of their lives and they were not afraid to share.  These eager and loving students were getting good direction but where and how?

That is the mystery of Dunrovin.    

At first, I did not know about the DLITE leadership team, a group of amazing young people from all over who through word of mouth and the Holy Spirit seem to gather at Dunrovin every summer. That is where Jerome Meeds, his family, and staff welcome the new group of young leaders who are quickly trained to motivate, organize, and earn the respect of the Summer Leadership Campers who were open to growth and relationship.

Soon I met the DLITE leadership team and began to understand their connection with the campers and how quickly they achieved success.  It is true the teachers were the leaders and the students.  Both groups made fantastic progress during their short summer experience together.

My first experience with Dunrovin occurred eight years ago.  Even now when I drive to Dunrovin for the Board meetings or other events, I feel the peace and beauty as I make the final turn into my destination.  

Arlette Egan generously serves on the Dunrovin Board of Directors. With her large heart for youth – Arlette worked as a junior high school art teacher for many years – she actively embraces the mission of Dunrovin in caring for youth and building them up.