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Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

Danny Bielejeski, AKA “Mr. E” – Summer Program Counselor

Coming out of his freshman year in high school in 2014, Danny Bielejeski was hesitant to sign up for DLITE, as he considered himself quiet and shy (certainly not a leader), but his older siblings talked up the program, so he decided to give it a go. Danny recalls looking up the 12’ climbing wall, skeptical he or his peers would make it up and over. They made it. In fact, throughout DLITE training, Danny was amazed how many times he heard himself question if he was up for the challenge. “Stand in front and lead a group? No thanks!”

But each summer through high school, followed by four years as a counselor, Danny has come to realize what an impact Dunrovin’s leadership training has made in his life. “I love to serve,” he said. “It is such a blessing. It’s fun, and there is such a sense of freedom that comes with the earned confidence.”

Danny loves watching the San Miguel middle school students overcome their fears. “We gently encourage them to try new things, like the rope swing, and by the end of the session, most do, and they love it. The San Miguel students’ background is so different than ours. We learn so much from them in the process of helping them overcome their fears and develop trust.”

Now, in summer 2022 as a recent college graduate and starting his first professional position as a software developer, Danny feels doubly blessed to be able to return to Dunrovin. His employer, a publishing company named Pearson, offers paid time off to volunteer.

“Dunrovin’s Summer Leadership Camp checked all the boxes for the company’s giving-back program: education, social justice, and employee’s choice,” and Danny happily took part in the 2022 summer program, alongside his professional job.

Danny’s advice to high school students, “Sign up for DLITE! It will be the best week of your summer – every summer!”