Reaffirming community ties with Benilde-St. Margaret’s School
Reaffirming community ties with Benilde-St. Margaret’s School

Reaffirming community ties with Benilde-St. Margaret’s School

Dunrovin community ties with Benilde
The Christian Brothers of the Midwest and leaders of local Lasallian groups at Benilde-St. Margaret’s re-affiliation ceremony, April, 2014. Dunrovin Director Jerome Meeds is second from left.

Dunrovin has been connected to local high schools for decades. In fact, it was founded by several Lasallian schools in 1963. Its ties to area schools continue today with the hosting of spiritual retreats and leadership training programs for youth.

Recently Dunrovin recognized another tie with Benilde-St. Margaret’s School.

On April 7, Director Jerome Meeds attended a ceremony at the school to commemorate Benilde’s re-affiliation to the Lasallian tradition. Given Dunrovin’s Lasallian roots as part of the Midwest District of Christian Brothers, it was a great opportunity to deepen its connection with Benilde.

“Living in the presence of God, there is a community and a spiritual solidarity in caring for the poor that binds us all together,” he said.

Meeds observed that many local Lasallian organizations can be “islands doing their own thing,” working to help the community in their own way. That’s where the Lasallian link becomes crucial. It is one more tie that enables organizations to collaborate and combine resources to further their youth mission.

“We all have a common mission to the poor and to the youth,” said Meeds.

By building camaraderie through the Lasallian connection, the organizations can support one another and the common goal of educating young people. Benilde-St.Margaret’s re-affiliation will serve to reinforce that connection with Dunrovin.

A shared tradition of serving youth

Benilde-St. Margaret’s was founded in 1956 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers. In 1970 the school withdrew its Lasallian affiliation. This year, as Benilde-St. Margaret’s marks its 40-year anniversary, it has re-affiliated with the Lasallian tradition.

Dunrovin was established by the Lasallian schools of Hill, DeLaSalle, Benilde, and Cretin. Through this connection Dunrovin has served students in the Twin City area through its retreats and leadership development programs.

Over the past six years, schools have brought team captains and other student leaders to Dunrovin for leadership training. These retreats shaped student leaders who went on to make a positive impact in their schools and communities.

“It made all the difference in their school, and set the tone for the entire school year,” Meeds said.

It is common for Dunrovin to host overnight retreats for students, but day retreats are also a favorite option. The scenic grounds just outside the Twin Cities provide a perfect setting for students to grow spiritually and personally.

Interested in having a youth leadership or spiritual retreat at Dunrovin? Call our office at 651-433-2486.