Decoding Dunrovin’s Youth Programs
Decoding Dunrovin’s Youth Programs

Decoding Dunrovin’s Youth Programs

As winter melts away, God’s beauty in creation is revealed this spring. We are filled with joy and awe as we watch the seasons change.

The transition in seasons also means our summer youth programs are starting soon. At Dunrovin, you might have heard some of our acronyms or names for these programs. Perhaps you wondered what the difference is between LEAD and DLITE or who comes on the different retreats. So, here is a summary of each one to give a broader understanding of how these programs are central to Dunrovin’s mission.

  1. Getaways – These retreats for Junior or Senior High students are held throughout the year. At Dunrovin, the retreatants can unplug from the world and focus on growing closer to God. Quiet time, upbeat music, and new friends make these retreats both fun and relevant to the students’ lives.
  2. LEAD Encounter – This acronym stands for Leadership Experience at Dunrovin. Held throughout the year, these retreats last one to two days. Central elements of these retreats include offering a personal encounter with Christ through faith that is caught instead of taught.
  3. Summer Leadership Camps – Inner-city youth come out each summer for free to enjoy the peace of nature and experience new activities outdoors such as canoeing and campfires. This provides them with an environment where they can see, hear, and touch a world of beauty in God’s creation and experience a life outside of poverty.
  4. DLITE – This stands for Dunrovin Leadership Intensive Training Experience. High school students participate in a six-day, hands-on, faith-filled experience where they mentor the summer campers as well as grow in team-building and leadership skills. Participants develop courage to make a difference in the world and not settle for mediocrity.

Although our youth programs are each unique, they all center on a personal and loving relationship with God. From this, retreatants find strength to be leaders, make new friendships, and spread the love they experienced at Dunrovin to others in their lives.