Spotlight: The faces behind the food: Jenny Lindstrom

In the Lasallian spirit, Dunrovin staff desires to show Christ in hospitality to all who come here. And what better way to show that hospitality than through comfort food! Over and over our guests rave about the food they receive. The next few blog posts will spotlight the faces behind Dunrovin meals, as we thank the women who spread joy and love through their cooking.

Jenny Lindstrom was born the middle child of three girls into a close-knit, strong Catholic family.  She was the only redhead!  Attending grade school at St. Rose of Lima in Roseville, Jenny graduated from Ramsey High School in 1986.

Jenny moved to Forest Lake early in the new millennium.  She has been tested often in life, proving her resilient character.  A single mother, Jenny’s two daughters are now young adults.  After struggling with addictions for fifteen years, Jenny has been drug free for seven years.  Jenny brings a cheerful attitude and quick smile to the Dunrovin staff.  She says that she is happier now than she has ever been.  “Dunrovin is a blessing to me.  Coming to work here has been the best thing in the next part of my life.  Where else can you get fifty ‘thank you’s’ for serving a meal?”

1. How long have you been working for Dunrovin?  –  “Almost 6 years.”

2. Why do you like cooking for Dunrovin?  –  “The freedom to create whatever I want and I love the staff.”

3. What is the secret to Dunrovin’s food being so good?  –  “Home cooking and all the love we can put into it.”

4. How did you get into cooking?  –  “My grandmother and mother.”

5. What is your most memorable cooking disaster/mistake?  –  “Having to cook for over 50+ local firemen and the power goes out the minute I punch in.”

6. What is your most memorable cooking success?  –  “All the “thank yous” I get after every meal, it’s why I cook, to know that all the smiles I see are because of what I created :)”

7. What is your favorite meal to eat?  –  “Cookies, tacos and more cookies!”