Spotlight: The Faces Behind the Food: Janice White

        In the Lasallian spirit, Dunrovin staff desires to show Christ in hospitality to all who come here. And what better way to show that hospitality than through comfort food! Over and over our guests rave about the food they receive. Here is spotlight showing another face behind Dunrovin meals; Janice White!

        Janice White – likes to work at Dunrovin “because it is fun and the people are nice!” The daughter of missionary parents, Janice was raised in Vietnam, where she lived until age 12. Then her family moved to Minneapolis near the church her father pastored. She graduated with a class of 17 people from Minneapolis Lutheran High School in Edina.
        Previously Janice worked as a camp cook, feeding hundreds of children three meals each day. She is the mother of three adult children and has one grandchild. Janice comes to us from just up the road, where she lives in Marine on Saint Croix. Stating that Dunrovin is a peaceful place and “pretty”, we are grateful for Janice’s presence at Dunrovin that adds to the peace and care all the cooks give to our guests.

(2016 camper’s thank you note)

1. How long have you been working for Dunrovin?  –  “Since August 2015.”

2. Why do you like cooking for Dunrovin?  –  “It’s a fun, relaxing environment.”

3. What is the secret to Dunrovin’s food being so good?  –  “The love that goes into it.”

4. How did you get into cooking?  –  “Cooking for a family.”

5. What is your most memorable cooking disaster/mistake?  –  “Hashbrown egg bake.  I didn’t cook it all the way; it was very ugly and I had to try and make it work around runny eggs.”

6. What is your most memorable cooking success?  –  “Every meal I serve!! :)”

7. What is your favorite meal to eat?  –  “Steaks! At Dunrovin, grilled hamburgers.”