Dunrovin Leadership Camp – Sponsor a Child

Do you ever wonder what it is like to grow up in today’s world? A world where young people experience incredible pressures from media messages, questionable values, and global fear. Add to that the problems of living in an inner-city neighborhood—language barriers, addictions, absent parents, violence, gangs and economic poverty. These youth often feel hopeless, powerless to change.

“Dunrovin is a great [place] to expand ideas and realize that there is something else than just the normal neighborhood generation after generation; there’s other opportunities out there.”     – Danella

We believe inner-city children deserve a chance at a better, more stable life. Using a peer-to-peer approach, Youth Leadership Camp offers mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenge to the young people.   The young people are taught how to live above the line of mediocrity and glimpse a view of life outside of poverty. They receive God’s blessing.

This is a mission that can, and has, changed lives.   We have seen students come to Dunrovin feeling afraid, alone, unwanted and unloved.   A week later those same students are completely transformed and have grown in confidence, joy and freedom to be themselves.  How?  Over and over again students who come to Dunrovin say that it “feels like home”  or “it’s like a family” or “I am free to by myself here.”  That is Dunrovin’s mission in a nutshell, to create a place where they are safe; to love them.    Love is what makes these students come alive.  Love is what creates an environment that gives them the freedom to be themselves.   Love is what helps them grow into leaders that can impact the world around them.    God’s love is what transforms them.

We can’t do it alone.  You can help us make an incredible impact in the life of one of these young people.  Please consider sponsoring a child to attend Dunrovin’s Youth Leadership Camps this summer.  Consider spreading a seed of hope that could grow to transform not only one student but also give them the opportunity to turn around and transform the people around them.    Hope grows, it just needs someone to plant it

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