Board of Directors: Brother Michael Lee Anderson

Dunrovin Board of Directors member, Bro. Michael Lee Anderson (pictured with his dog Bella Boo), admits his claim to fame: Bro. Michael Lee graduated from Benilde High School in 1959, along with the school’s first graduating class. Since his last name began with “A”, naturally Brother Michael Lee was the very first graduate! He entered the Christian Brothers later that year.

Similar to most of the Brothers, his list of positions is extensive. Bro. Michael Lee first taught at De LaSalle High School. Afterward he served 15 years in Fargo at Shanley High School. There he saw a need for students to receive drug treatment and helped found New Connections program for drug rehab.

At one point in life, while counseling at Cretin two days each week, Bro. Michael Lee saw the need for stable living situations for some of the students. The idea for the Christian Brothers Youth Home was birthed and it opened in 1986 near Macalester College. He went on to take in 6-8 boys (at one time there were 12 boys!) in the Home, caring for them during after-school hours and working at Cretin full-time during the school days. Bro. Michael Lee worked at Cretin for 33 years.

Need a cook? Someone to cut grass? A handyman repair guy? Bro. Michael worked 15 summers and 1 full year at Dunrovin. He knows our historical context well. He says, “Dunrovin has always been a place dear to my heart. I want it to continue to be a place where people can take a time out.”

In his spare time, Bro. Michael Lee likes to tinker at his family’s cabin in northwestern Wisconsin. You might even find him designing something like a woodcarving or stained glass artwork.