Star of Dunrovin: a Mission Statement
Star of Dunrovin: a Mission Statement

Star of Dunrovin: a Mission Statement

Lo, the Three Wise Men sought after the Star of Dunrovin!

Uh, that’s not the way the story goes.

Or is it?

Beginning in mid-2017, the Dunrovin Board of Directors began a discussion to examine Dunrovin’s mission statement. The process simulates that of writing the perfect family Christmas card or the winning college entrance essay. Each word must be exact, expressing the necessary message to those who read it. Board members wrestled with and rewrote Dunrovin’s mission statement, examining values and vision. Important questions surfaced: Who is Dunrovin? Who does God say we are?

Ultimately, the mission is the same as it was in 1964, but the updated mission statement reflects a honing in on the work of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Isn’t that incredible? What God began in us over 50 years ago, He wants to fulfill.

The mission of Dunrovin Christian Brothers Retreat Center is to offer an encounter with Christ for every guest, particularly for underserved youth, through exceptional hospitality in the Catholic Lasallian tradition.

What does it mean to encounter Christ? Unfortunately, God’s love isn’t always clear or tangible. At any given moment, we may not remember that in fact ‘We are in the holy presence of God.’

Like the Wise Men who saw Jesus, a human baby, we encounter Christ in human form too, through one another. This association is offered for all who come. Dunrovin’s mission statement, “to provide exceptional hospitality” compels us to throw wide open the door. Come in! We offer a warm welcome into an external environment where the guest can take internal time to rest, heal, discover, grow, refresh, and rejoice.

Everything we do at Dunrovin should point back to the mission statement: We remodel a bathroom to make it more comfortable; we plow a snowy hill to bring guests in safely; we plant trees to create a haven of beauty in God’s creation. Furthermore, encounter “particularly for underserved youth” directs us to be cheerful beggars as we fundraise, unafraid to ask for the support of this vital work. Youth who need food, shelter, and a hopeful view of the world outside of poverty can receive all of these because of the infinite riches of God’s love.

How we wish you could see what we see – the transformation and joy of people as they meet God in their lives! Let us travel the journey together as the Three Wise Men did, seeking Christ, Emmanuel God With Us.