Eucharist = Thanksgiving

Eucharist is a central theme to the ministry we do at Dunrovin. In its essence, Eucharist offers the very blood and body of Jesus Christ to us during Mass or a Communion service. We often think of the Eucharist as a time of community, a coming together with those of similar faith and lifestyle. Eucharist allows us to live our lives in the unity and grace of God.

Isn’t it astounding that the word “Eucharist” truly means “thanksgiving” or “grateful”! Dunrovin is deeply grateful for all that is encompassed in Eucharist – for the life of Christ active and alive within us, for the drawing together of all people in one faith, for the love of God the Father poured out through the Holy Spirit to the world through Jesus Christ. That is powerful. In a simple word – thank you for being a part of Dunrovin. We are grateful for you and for your friendship.

Take a moment to watch this short video; it is a sampling of the many thanks echoed daily here in the work we do. And perhaps drop us an email and let us know what is in your heart today. 

We wish you and your loved ones a very blessed Thanksgiving Season.