Mission Statement


Dunrovin’s mission is to provide, in the Catholic and Lasallian Traditions, spiritual programs and hospitality to youth, families, churches and other groups with special consideration for the poor and to promote peace and justice in society.

The heart of Dunrovin is to provide quality spiritual programs for youth, the materially and spiritually poor, and the Lasallian Community or participants experience God. We accomplish this in part by providing *hospitality to churches, non-profits, and those who come to us; participants experience Dunrovin.

Our priorities are:

  1. Poor youth, Catholic youth, Lasallian Community
  2. Hospitality for spiritual programs
  3. Hospitality for non-profit groups
  4. Hospitality for those who come to us

*Hospitality encompasses the beauty of the setting, the homey comfort of the buildings, the nourishing food, and God’s love as demonstrated by the tender care of the staff.


Call us today for info on youth programs or to reserve meeting space: 651-433-2486