School-year Retreats

School-year Retreats

Being in nature, being surrounded by people who genuinely care about them, being able to run around…brings hope. – Middle School Teacher

Dunrovin understands kids. Their needs, their fears, their strengths. Teachers understand kids! They know sometimes students need a separation from the stress of daily life to make space for encounter with God.

This is Dunrovin’s specialty. Many kids thrive as they encounter the beauty of God’s creation – sparkling water, puffy clouds, a moonlit night. Each day offers a fresh start. New strengths shine in a new environment, away from books and exams.

A retreat offers a new beginning for each student.

LEAD Encounter or LEAD Training retreats are designed to offer students and teachers the space and time to grow in the grace of God:

  • Flexible retreat packages during the school year
  • Customized for weekday or weekend use, day or overnight groups
  • Three progressive levels to enhance the school’s faith formation of their students
  • Space to get the wiggles out
  • Time to relax the mind
  • Hospitality to eet physical needs

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