Spiritual Direction


Individuals often seek God’s guidance and reflect on life’s challenges when they come to Dunrovin for personal time. Accountability to another human helps a person articulate his or her faith internally. Thus spiritual direction is available to retreatants.

Spiritual direction provides a relationship between a spiritual director and someone seeking direction with the purpose to help the seeker perceive God’s will in their life. A special emphasis on the directee’s prayer life is also a major component. Good spiritual directors listen well and offer insight that the directee might have missed.

Traditionally, if private retreatants wish for spiritual direction, it is done for an hour each day. After this, the individual spends time contemplating what was brought up during the meeting.

Jerome Meeds, Director of Dunrovin, offers spiritual direction for retreatants. To make an appointment, call Jerome at 651-433-2486 or email him.


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